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Contents of the web site / Liability

The data and information on our website is accurate. However, CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH accepts no liability or warranty for the completeness, topicality or correctness of data or information provided. All liability claims regarding material or immaterial damage caused by the use of any data and information provided, including any kind of data and information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected. Something else applies when on the part of the legal representative, chief executive or simple vicarious agent a provable deliberate and careless default exists. All offers on our website are not binding and without obligation. Moreover CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH reserves the right to make changes, amendments or cancellations, without prior announcement, to any data or information provided.


Our website may contain external hyperlinks to other websites provided by thrid parties and that aren't in the area of our responsibility. A liability for any content linked or referred to from our website might only occur if we has a subjective knowledge of the content and in case of illegality a prevention of use is technically possible and appropriate. In this respect we expressly declare that in the time the link has been set no illegal content or illegal acts were visible. We don't have any influence on the update version or its future development, the contents or the authorship of the linked website. Therefore we dissociate from all contents of the linked websites that were changed after setting the link. This statement applies to all links, referrals and foreign entries set on this website. If any damage occurs by the use or disuse of illegal, deficient or uncompleted information presented on the linked website, only the author of the respective website might be liable, not CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH who has only linked to the website. As soon as we get knowledge of illegal content or illegal acts on linked websites we will remove that link from our website immediately.

Copyright / Trademark

CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH respects the copyright law and expects that all users of this website do the same. Not permitted copying and distributing of copyright protected work is breaking the legal right of the owner of teh copyrights.

All content of this website, including but not limited to the texts, the design of this website, pictures, logos and graphics are protected by copyright law. Any text, portions of texts, pictures, logos or graphics may only be used under prior permission in written from CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH. The only materials that are excluded from this regulation are texts and graphics available under the sections "Downloads" and "News".

All trademarks and logos are legally protected.

It only lies in our discretion and depends on the circumstances whether CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH expresses only warnings or introduces legal steps.

Questions regarding copyright matters address to:

CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH
Friedberger Str. 35
63452 Hanau

Tel: +49-(0)6181-3040818
Fax: +49-(0)6181-3040885
eMail: » service@DausCBS.com

Data Protection

It can be taken for granted that CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH will comply with the legal provisions concerning data protection. We have placed all of our staff under an express obligation to comply with all data protection regulations.

If you visit our website we will not collect any personal, identifiable data about you, except if you submit those information to us voluntarily and knowingly.

Our system stores only some basic and generic information about your computer, including its:

- IP address (your computer signature for the internet)
- operating system (i.e. Windows NT)
- browser software (i.e. MS Internet Explorer 5.5)

We use these information about your computer only in order to accomplish routine maintenance work to our website and generate statistics for internal analyses to examinations and improvements. Thus you help us with the development and improvement of our website for your needs.

CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH respects your privacy

Without expressed permission of the user, we will not sell, trade or rent any information about our users to third parties.

Third parties are legal entities or public authorities, natural persons, public facilities or other institutions.
CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH doesn't forward any personal data and will only pass personal data to third parties if the relevant user has expressly given his or her consent or CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH is bound by law or court order.

Use of provided information

We use the information submitted in order to respond to your inquiries, to contact you, if necessary, to maintain your account, to process your purchase orders or for administration purpose. We use the data also settle disputes, for error corrections, for agreements or marketing purposes. Further, for some special transactions, our system can use your transaction details, in order to automate and accelerate transactions.

External links

Our website may contain links to other websites. CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH has no influence whether the operator of the other website adheres to the legal provisions of data protection or not.


CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH does not use cookies.

Web security

CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH uses login accounts together with user names and passwords. Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") is installed in order to protect sensitive data transfers. Transfered sensitive data can only be received by authorised CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH web server. CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH uses SSL, which support the current highest internet security standard.

Important remark: We use the extrem high security standards to protect information and data, nevertheless we can not guarantee the absolute safeness of the given data. Although we use the best safety standards, we can, like every one else, not guarantee that the measures are "perfect", because "perfect safeness" in the internet does not exist.

If personal data (like e.g. name, address, email address) must be raised necessarily, we refer to our data protection guidelines. We try, as far as this is possible to make the use of our website possible without the use of personal data.

Deletion / Right of Withdrawel

After providing personal data to CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH, the user has always the option of having these details deleted at any time. Therefore the user has to inform us by sending an e-mail or a fax message.

Protection of children and minors

Personal data of children or minors (younger than 18 years of age) will not be asked, processed and forwarded by CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH. If such personal data was submitted to us, we will delete it as soon as we have knowledge of it.


By the use of this website the user accepts these conditions.


Inquiries and suggestions address to:

CBS - Carsten Daus GmbH
Friedberger Str. 35
63452 Hanau

Tel: +49-(0)6181-3040818
Fax: +49-(0)6181-3040885
eMail: » service@DausCBS.com

Unwanted forwarding of advertisement

The data published by us in the context of the imprint represents no concluded agreement for the forwarding and/or transmission of advertising measures. We ask to not forwarding unwanted advertisement and reserve the right for legal steps..